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So my knees hurt. Like I just did 10,000 miles on the tread climber yesterday (except I only did 2). Ouch. Fat hurts. So does losing it. Who knew?

anyway I’m back to paleo full force. just hit the local sprouts and spent $175 on groceries for the week (eek!). It’s worth it though. I’ll be making one of my favorite paleo dishes for lunch – meat crust quiche. Here’s the link for the recipe I use: is probably my favorite paleo recipe source. That girl has everything! And most of em are super easy.

skipped the gym this morning but I will be going for a hike with my hubby and kids later and maybe my parents. Did I mention my parents live down the street? It’s like everybody loves Raymond but not funny. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog to be written lol). Anywho my mom recently lost an entire person which is great cos my parents are always willing to do outdoor stuff with us now & keep the kids occupied 🙂

i’ll be hitting the gym again tomorrow AM before church. They say it takes 30 days to create a habit – here’s hoping that’s true!


Day 1

So today is my first day on my path to fitness. Did I hope it would be perfect and I’d lose 10 lbs before 10am? Of course. Has that happened? No. He’s some history on me: I’m a 29 year old stay at home mom of 3 girls under 5. I’m 5’9 and currently weigh 248lbs. I’ll post a picture later. Probably a headless one cos I’m still a little nervous/unsure of this whole blog thing. I think maybe it’s because if I fail and I’m still fat in a year I won’t be too embarrassed. All though that kind of defeats the purpose, right? ok enough on that tangent…too much deep thinking and it’s too early!

back to my history…I wasn’t fat growing up. I wasn’t skin neither. I was healthy and decently athletic. As a teen I was about a size 9 and 140lbs which I was unhappy with at the time but I’d kill for now! In college I did everything in excess – too much food, too much booze, too much partying…and too little exercise. I ballooned up to 200lbs. And there I stayed until I started having kids. Me weight has been all over the map the last 5 years. The highest? 285. The lowest? 200. So here I am at 248. Do I want to be skinny? Hell yes. Is that my main motivation for starting this blog & journey toward fitness? No. It’s my kids. I’m tired of not being able to run with them for hours. I’m tired of watching my oldest develop an unhealthy relationship with food just like me. I’m tired of being the fat mama. That ain’t me. 

Back to today…my husband bought me a one month trial membership to the new gym in town and today was my first day. I woke up ass early to work out at 5 am. Turns out the place is packed with men working out before work so I was the only girl there. I did the tread climber for all of 20 minutes before huffing and puffing and giving up. Not my finest moment but a first step forward none the less! Oh and I should mention I’m starting on the Paleo diet this week too. More on that in future blogs!

So I hope you enjoy my blog. I promise to always be honest about my journey no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable. Happy losing!