So my knees hurt. Like I just did 10,000 miles on the tread climber yesterday (except I only did 2). Ouch. Fat hurts. So does losing it. Who knew?

anyway I’m back to paleo full force. just hit the local sprouts and spent $175 on groceries for the week (eek!). It’s worth it though. I’ll be making one of my favorite paleo dishes for lunch – meat crust quiche. Here’s the link for the recipe I use: http://paleomg.com/meat-crust-quiche/

paleomg.com is probably my favorite paleo recipe source. That girl has everything! And most of em are super easy.

skipped the gym this morning but I will be going for a hike with my hubby and kids later and maybe my parents. Did I mention my parents live down the street? It’s like everybody loves Raymond but not funny. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog to be written lol). Anywho my mom recently lost an entire person which is great cos my parents are always willing to do outdoor stuff with us now & keep the kids occupied 🙂

i’ll be hitting the gym again tomorrow AM before church. They say it takes 30 days to create a habit – here’s hoping that’s true!


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